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The Spa at Nugget Point

The Spa at Nugget Point

During our stay in Queenstown over the ANZAC weekend, we wanted to take some time and enjoy a luxury massage to help ease some of our aches from work and cycling. 

It was difficult to find a spa that provided what we were looking for, within our price range, and had availability. However, after having a look on TripAdvisor, we found the Nugget Point Hotel Spa. What attracted me to this spa were the photos - it appeared very luxurious, with Roman themed decor. We booked the Nugget Point Massage (full body one hour massage at $120pp) for 5.30pm on the same day. You can check out their full brochure of products here.

We arrived early and enjoyed a cup of coffee in the dining area, which offered a stunning view of the Shotover River. It was relaxing enough just sitting there are enjoying the view.

When it was time for our appointment, we were greeted by one of the therapists, who led us to a small room by the pool area. We were offered some water and asked to fill out a form which included questions such as whether we had any allergies/ rashes, and how firm we would like the massage. We both opted for a firm massage. We were also told that after our massage, we can stay for as long as we like to enjoy the pool, spa, sauna and steam room. Unfortunately we did not bring any bathers to enjoy these facilities.

Upon entering the massage room, you immediately see a breathtaking view. Although you can’t see the view while enjoying your massage, it still feels nice knowing that such a view is right outside. 

The therapists confirmed the details on our forms, and clearly explained what they will be doing, and checked whether we were happy with everything. They then left the room to let us undress and lie on the massage table with the towel covered over our bodies. 

Our therapists were Mavi and Marine. They were both very lovely and gave a great massage - they worked on our back, arms, legs, shoulders and scalp. It was a very enjoyable hour-long massage. 

There was music in the background, and overall it was a very soothing atmosphere. 

When our massage was complete, we were told that they will wait for us outside. We got dressed and walked out to see them holding glasses of water for us. We were advised that we must drink more water as some of the pressure points massaged can lead to feeling dehydrated. 

Seeing that we were unable to use the pool and spa, we were asked how long our stay in Queenstown was, and told that we were welcome to go back the next day to use the pool/spa facilities if we wanted. We thought that this was a very kind offer, and overall found that the service of this spa was very good. 

We would definitely like to come back to the Nugget Point Hotel and Spa and even stay at this hotel in the future. Everything within and outside the hotel was beautiful and relaxing.

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