Positive Experience with IHG Customer Service

I recently made an enquiry with IHG through Twitter about a promotion, and why their website wouldn't confirm my registration. While I had been sent a targeted email from IHG with a link to register, it just wasn't working.

Their customer service and response times were excellent, and I just had to write about it!

So the conversation begun on Twitter. They promptly responded to say that they would contact me further at my personal email address:


Pam (who is from IHG's Social Media Service Team) followed up with an email to ask some more questions to try and get to the bottom of my registration problem:


By this point, the offer registration was magically working - I felt like a right idiot! So I let Pam know I had effectively wasted her time, and that everything was all good. This was her response:


It's not much - but in contrast to previous experiences I have had with IHG Customer Service (particularly in the Asia Pacific region), this was brilliant and I was very happy. I may have booked stays at two IHG hotels in New York City in May for this very reason.

Customer service goes a long way in the hospitality industry, and it's great to see that IHG value their elite members.