About Us

SavTravv is a two person show - Daniel and Sandy, from Auckland, New Zealand. 

As young, idealistic urban planners, we love travelling to see new cities and sights around the world.


Daniel has found himself over the years frequently browsing travel sites, finding the best ways to get status matches, flight upgrades, cheap accommodation, discount vouchers, and cashback on travel. Sometimes these research missions would take him to 4am in the morning, just to save $50 on a trip (that pays for a meal, you know), or squeeze just that bit more out of his frequent flyer points.

Sandy on the other hand loves finding a good deal in all facets of life, whether it's whilst travelling, or at home. Her favourite motto is 'cheap and good value'. We realised that we should put all that effort to something more worthwhile - sharing our findings with other people.

We may receive a commission or benefit for referring you to certain websites or services. We'll disclose this on each page where there is a point of referral. 

Advertising helps to pay the bills and allows us to keep blogging part time.

If you have found a great website with some deals, whether it be with an airline, or a credit card rewards programme, please let us know, and we will be sure to cover it.

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